The new PRO-FIND 35 hits the spot!

24 Oct 2017

This latest pinpointer from Minelab is really going to ‘hit the spot’ with its great new features. It has Ferrous Tone ID and is waterproof, along with adjustable sensitivity and DIF technology to make target retrieval much easier. Firstly, the Ferrous Tone ID has given me a bit of an edge when identifying and locating a good target from amongst the trash while both are still in the ground. This is so helpful when you are in an area where you can’t dig big holes and are limited to cutting small plugs to retrieve your target. I was on an oval the other day that has heaps of trash in the ground from an old demolished railway station and was able to accurately pinpoint where the coin was located in the hole. The biggest advantage I found was that I was able to minimise the chance of damaging the coin and leave very little impact on the lawn after replacing my plug, leaving the groundsman happy with no unsightly holes after all his hard work.

I am pretty sure that we have all had those times when you detect a target in the ground but then after cutting a plug you find a bit of rusty metal or junk in the hole, you then fill the hole back in and walk away thinking that it was just the junk you detected. Lo and behold along comes the next person swinging his detector, only to hear a nice solid signal and find a good target right where you have kindly not only loosened the soil but also removed the trash for them! This actually can and does happen more often than you think, especially when you are new to detecting and don't recheck your holes. Trust me; I have heard plenty of stories of someone finding targets in a freshly dug hole that people have walked away from. I believe that Ferrous Tone ID will help eliminate this due to its ability to separate the good targets from the bad targets and in turn is going to help a lot of people improve their ability to identify and retrieve a target successfully without chasing junk in the ground.

Mark Williams with PRO-FIND

PRO-FIND 35 is fully waterproof and submersible, making it great for rivers and beach detecting, because so often targets are hard to locate with the water and sand continually moving and reburying your target. I have also had a lot of trouble over the years when detecting wet ground and grass after it has been raining because moisture can get inside the speaker causing all sorts of problems. Now, I haven't had to worry at all about ruining my pinpointer, making detecting so much more enjoyable.

The adjustable sensitivity has been very useful when working in reactive ground because there is nothing worse than when your pinpointer just keeps ‘going off’ as it reacts with the soil making it near impossible to locate your target. There was one park in particular in Adelaide that I couldn't wait to test the PRO-FIND 35 at because it just sets the pinpointer off with false signals all the time. I found that operating one setting down on position 4 was great and I only lost minimal detection depth. Being able to adjust the sensitivity will allow you to pinpoint in some of the worst conditions imaginable, including the reactive conditions of the goldfields. 

While Gordon Heritage was in Adelaide visiting Minelab, we caught up for some detecting in the Adelaide Hills and put the pinpointers to the test. We both came away impressed and agreed the new PRO-FIND was going to be a valuable tool. There was one other feature that stood out to us - DIF technology (Detector Interference Free). Interference can be quite an issue and very annoying especially when it comes to gold detectors. We put it through its paces against other pinpointers and found the results quite remarkable. You can see the result for yourself in the intro video below.


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