Green Benefits - Prospecting

Gold miners can use Minelab handheld gold detectors to prospect for gold nuggets.

Using Minelab detectors means that when they dig, they dig for a reason and in the labour-intensive world of small scale gold mining, the ability to find more gold with accuracy is important.

The move to technology is a decision that small scale gold miners are making every day and Minelab works hard to make this change easy by outlining the benefits.

Gold miners

Here are a few of the benefits of making the change:

  • Easy to use modern technology – reduces dependency on traditional methods
  • Low investment cost for a potentially high gain
  • Efficient and accurate activity – dig for a reason, less work and more reward
  • Non-labour intensive – 1 person operation
  • Trusted and proven success – in gold fields across the world
  • Safe and secure operation
  • Viable alternative source of employment for ‘part-time’ or ‘seasonal’ small scale gold miners
  • Robust, durable product with a guaranteed 3 year Warranty and quality repair service

Profile of Gold Nugget Deposit Types

There is a number of gold nugget deposit types or classifications that can be detected with Minelab metal detectors. These are shown in the diagram.

Gold deposit diagram

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