Green Benefits - PCommunityMinelab teams travel extensively to remote gold mining communities providing training and direct support in the goldfields.

Spending time to understand the needs of small scale gold miners and investing in local development initiatives is always of mutual benefit.

Minelab recognises a responsibility towards supporting continuous improvement within the gold mining communities.

Minelab supports:

Gold miners

  • Product suitability for safe use by men and women
  • Suitability of product for community and cooperative investment and work-sharing
  • Co-operation with small scale gold mining advocacy groups
  • Providing education and training on safe gold mining practices
  • Creation of employment generation and income earning opportunities
  • Partnerships with local, national and international development organisations
  • Access to information in multi-languages
  • Skills development through certified user training programmes
  • In-country training support and investment in Warranty and Technical Service and Repair Centres
African metal detecting community Mongolian metal detecting community South American metal detecting community


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