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Gary Drayton

Gary Drayton beach metal detecting with Minelab Sovereign GT metal detector

Gary Drayton is a successful beach and shallow water treasure hunter from sunny South Florida. Over many years spent searching Florida beaches with his trusty Minelab Sovereign GT metal detector, Gary has managed to do what many other beach hunters cannot do, to find Spanish treasure coins and artifacts on a consistent basis. Spanish treasure finds that have made him one of the most successful and well known beach treasure hunters in Florida.

He is also an author with three popular books on the Florida metal detecting scene called Metal detecting for Spanish treasure, The shallow water hunter’s guide to South Florida and The ultimate Sovereign beach hunter’s guide. Gary's books are available from his metal detecting website.

The Ultimate Sovereign Beach Hunter's Guide by Gary Drayton for beach metal detecting

The Ultimate Sovereign Beach Hunter's Guide by Gary Drayton for beach metal detecting

Gary’s most famous find is the magnificent Spanish 1715 fleet emerald treasure ring that he found on the beach opposite the wreck site of the Spanish galleon “Nuestra senora de las nieves.” which wrecked on July 31st 1715 during the hurricane that destroyed the Spanish treasure fleet. The treasure ring is made from 22.5 karat Inca gold and set with nine near flawless Colombian emeralds, it is considered to be the prettiest Spanish treasure ring ever found in the US.

Spanish treasure ring found beach metal detecting by Gary Drayton

Spanish treasure ring found beach metal detecting by Gary Drayton

Gary credits beach hunting skills and his two favorite metal detectors, the Minelab Sovereign GT and Minelab Excalibur to his beach and water hunting success.


EQUINOX for beach and water hunting

February 13, 2018 10:13am

Now that EQUINOX pre-orders are starting to get to their owners, here are a few beach and water hunting tips to help you hit the sand running! The basics are covered by the Getting Started Guide and the online Instruction Manual, so I’ll just cut to the chase by sharing a few of my experiences using the EQUINOX on the beach and in the water... 

Posted by Gary Drayton on February 13, 2018 10:13am | 9 Comments

The CTX 3030 Road Warrior

January 11, 2018 12:13pm

Over 2017, one of my favorite Minelab metal detectors, the CTX 3030 has really been put to the test.  Breaking down the CTX 3030 recently for another long flight, I realized just how important using dependable metal detecting equipment is. Some of the places I have taken my CTX 3030 to in the past year have very difficult to search metal detecting terrain... 

Posted by Gary Drayton on January 11, 2018 12:13pm | 8 Comments

Are you ready to Go Minelabbing?

April 10, 2017 04:56pm

Every May I look forward to packing my metal detector and heading to a Go Minelabbing event, also known as International Metal Detecting day. I have now attended and been a guest speaker on every Go Minelabbing day, from Atlantic City New Jersey to the Quad cities Illinois.

Posted by Gary Drayton on April 10, 2017 04:56pm | 0 Comments

Treasure through Technology

March 17, 2017 09:15am

Any potential treasure hunter investing in a Minelab metal detector has seen the words “Treasure through technology” written on the box. Recently seeing an empty Minelab metal detector on a shelf in my garage, brought a big smile to my face as I thought back to the first time I ever saw those words printed on the box.

Posted by Gary Drayton on March 17, 2017 09:15am | 1 Comment

A return to Oak Island, North America's oldest treasure hunt

February 16, 2017 10:21am

I was again honored to be invited back to Oak Island in Nova Scotia Canada to take part in Season four of the History channel show “The Curse Of Oak Island.” The team called me excited about having more areas to search on the Island, I packed my trusty CTX 3030 and travelled up to Canada hoping to deliver on my promise of doing my famous gold dance.

Posted by Gary Drayton on February 16, 2017 10:21am | 0 Comments

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

May 20, 2016 04:42pm

Even after finding thousands of gold rings at the beach, and writing eleven beach & water hunting related books, some of the things I pull out of my scoop basket still surprise me!

When I first moved to Florida from England, I decided to make the most of the natural resources by changing from land to beach hunting. By natural resources, I mean white sandy beaches packed with year round visitors wearing platinum, gold and silver jewelry. A change of search areas also meant a change of metal detecting equipment better suited to beach and water hunting. I am a stickler for detail when it comes to treasure hunting, from equipment and research, to site selection and search techniques...

Posted by Gary Drayton on May 20, 2016 04:42pm | 4 Comments

Metal Detecting Adventures on the Infamous Oak Island

August 14, 2015 03:17pm

In 2014 I was honoured to be invited to help the owners of Oak Island (located in Nova Scotia, Canada) in their quest to solve the mystery of the famous “Money Pit”.

For those who do not know the story, Oak Island is rumoured to have buried pirate treasure hidden in a mine shaft with an elaborate booby-trapped flooding system to prevent people from recovering the treasure.

Posted by Gary Drayton on August 14, 2015 03:17pm | 1 Comment

GO-FIND Some Treasure at the Beach!

June 15, 2015 06:46pm

Family time at the beach is a lot more fun for the Drayton’s, thanks to the new GO-FIND Series of detectors from Minelab. It was always a little awkward, going to the beach and bringing along my metal detector, treasure hunting alone, while my wife and daughters did their own thing. Finally we have a metal detector that our whole family can use and join in the treasure hunting fun.

Posted by Gary Drayton on June 15, 2015 06:46pm | 0 Comments

Modes to Find the Deep Gold

September 15, 2014 02:21pm

Just in case you have not heard the news yet, the versatile waterproof CTX 3030 is more than just a master of discrimination on the beach and in the shallow water.

Posted by Gary Drayton on September 15, 2014 02:21pm | 5 Comments

Beach Hunting with the SDC 2300

July 30, 2014 04:36am

Because I am a beach and shallow water hunter, I was happy to hear the news that Minelab had introduced another new waterproof metal detector. After doing the hard part of convincing my lovely wife that I really needed an SDC 2300, it was off to the beach for some testing.

Posted by Gary Drayton on July 30, 2014 04:36am | 0 Comments
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