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4 Gold Rings in one hunt!


August 14, 2018 09:44am

Best hunt i have had in a long time! New personal best for gold rings in one hunt tonight. 4 total! 2 10k 2 14k wedding set with ice. 10.6 grams total. I'm stoked! All with the EQUINOX 800. Lower slope. vdi ranges 6-16  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:44am | 0 Comments

First gold with the EQUINOX 800! Diamonds too!


August 14, 2018 09:40am

The EQUINOX may have just paid for itself! Hit the dry sand again at another beach and scored this 4g 14k ring with 10 diamonds! 8-9 Vdi. Fresh drop season has officially begun! Matty S NJ Beach Hunter – New Jersey,  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:40am | 0 Comments

EQUINOX 800 gets some 22k!


August 14, 2018 09:36am

The more I use the EQUINOX, The more it impresses me. Got into an area with a 4ft cut. Deep coins were plenty. Had to be gold there somewhere.. I was out there for 4hrs and beginning to feel it.  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:36am | 0 Comments

18k Gold and Emeralds!


August 14, 2018 09:30am

Hit 2 beaches last night. The first beach was a bust. The second beach produced this nice little 2.9g 18k ring with Emeralds at the high tide/towel line.Number 10 on the EQUINOX. Another fresh drop for the season! Matty S  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:30am | 0 Comments

Ray Bans and Gold!


August 14, 2018 09:13am

Now this is more like it! Out for the Am low tide. Got into an area that started producing multiple targets on the lower slope. Got another one of those deep penny signals. Next thing I see is the  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:13am | 0 Comments

EQUINOX 800 scores a thin gold filled chain and gold teeth!


August 14, 2018 09:07am

Had a very busy morning. 2 recoveries I went out for. 1 out of 2 found so far. The cell phone owner bought a detector and tried finding it himself without success. Using his find my phone map images I was able to  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:07am | 0 Comments

7th Recovery of 2018!


August 14, 2018 08:41am

On 8/7/18 I received a message from Shawna about a lost ring. She was visiting a beach in Sea Bright NJ for the day and while swimming in chest deep water during high tide she felt her late mother's ring  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 08:41am | 0 Comments

6th recovery of 2018!


August 14, 2018 08:38am

July 31st i got a message from my friend and Fellow Ring Finder Dennis Burligame about a lost ring he attempted to recover but was not able to. He asked me if i would give it a try also knowing  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 08:38am | 0 Comments

5th recovery of 2018!


August 14, 2018 08:22am

On July 20th I received an email from a girl named Jamie who had lost her iphone. She purchased a metal detector and searched for it for a few days without any luck. She then reached out to me for  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 08:22am | 0 Comments

4th recovery of 2018!

CTX 3030

August 14, 2018 08:19am

On July 7th i received a message from Edward Cropski aka/ N.J. Lost Ring Finder about a lost wedding band in Sea Bright NJ. Ryan and his wife were relaxing and enjoying the day when at some point Ryan  ...
Posted on August 14, 2018 08:19am | 0 Comments
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