The unthinkable

01 Apr 2024

A recent front blew in and I decided to hit up a local beach that has produced for me in the past. Knowing that under the correct conditions, sand and gravel will get pulled away, revealing the good stuff buried deep below. I grabbed my Manticore and off I went. Conditions looked great, and right out of the gate I started getting decent digable signals. Little did I Know the unthinkable was about to happen. After about 40 mins, I got a nice repeatable 50-51 VDI on the Manticore, I flip out a few inches of sand and in the pile I see what I thought was a yellow foreign coin of some sort. My initial reaction was that its probably a new Euro 20 cent coin, as that was about the size and we occasionally find them here in Victoria, BC, Canada I grab the coin and lightly brush the sand from it. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, the image of an Eagle with its wings spread! I quickly flip it over and see Lady Liberty's head above the date of 1882!!! ....its a $5 us Gold coin and the condition it was in, was fantastic !!! I couldn't believe my luck! Never did I ever think I would find one of the Holy Grails of metal detecting.

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