Product Notices for 2015

16 Dec 2015

XChange 2 Access Issues

Troubleshooting XChange 2 Login Issues

With our transition to the new website, there have been some intermittent access issues with XChange 2.

Please follow the steps outlined in this notice to assist with resolving any XChange 2 login difficulties.

14 Dec 2015

PRO-ALLOY Gold Purity Tester

The Easy Way To Test Gold & Platinum Jewelry

PRO-ALLOY in-use 900px.jpg

Minelab is excited to announce the new PRO-ALLOY gold purity tester, the newest addition to our range of quality accessories.

The PRO-ALLOY measures the purity of gold and platinum alloys and is a great addition to any detectorists tool kit.

12 Oct 2015

GPZ 7000 Software Update

Better Ground Balancing = Finding More Gold!

Minelab is pleased to announce the first software update to our GPZ 7000 detector!

This free update incorporates a new Auto Ground Tracking Algorithm resulting in improved Auto Ground Balance functionality.

29 Apr 2015

GPZ 7000 battery options and compatibility with CTX 3030 batteries

The GPZ 7000 uses an advanced internal regulated power supply designed to provide maximum efficiency from the Minelab Li-ion bettery packs. Due to the high power requirements of the GPZ 7000, it is NOT designed to be used with the CTX 3030 alkaline battery pack, or individual AA cells.

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