CTX 3030 Target Trace / Pinpoint Trace - Smartfind 2 - visually identifying multiple targets

28 May 2012

Those familiar with FBS technology are certainly aware of the information provided on the Smartfind screen. But in my opinion, the FBS 2 technology supporting the CTX 3030 takes that to a whole new level. Smartfind 2 not only allows the user to see multiple targets under the coil simultaneously, the functionality known as “Target Trace” signifies the signal strength of each target with color coding. Both “Target Trace” and “Target Trace Pinpoint” can be activated by “long pressing” (3 seconds) the Detect button. You then simply scroll down and check the box to activate each mode.

By implementing a sweep pattern intended to isolate targets, Target Trace provides a “real time” display of the ferrous and conductive properties of each target. Here I was detecting in a slightly modified Coin Mode, Pattern 1. (note M1 P1 at the top of the screen). Using this level of discrimination, the target with the high ferrous content was making an effort to mask the good target.

Two targets detectedTwo targets detected

Realizing there were two targets under the coil, I implemented Target Trace Pinpoint with the sizing option to isolate each target. Pinpoint is activated by pulling back and holding the trigger. Target Trace Pinpoint display shows the same target information as Target Trace. But the information remains on the display until the trigger is released. By allowing the information to remain on the screen, the user is better able to visually interpret the ferrous/conductive properties of each target.

The IndianThe Indian

To allow even further target identification, I switched to Pattern Two of my modified Coin Mode, in which I have programmed minimal discrimination. (note the M1 P2 at the top of the screen) The “open screen” allowed me to identify the properties of the ferrous target both visually and audibly.

The nailThe nail

Without the “see through” capabilities of the CTX 3030, and the information provided by implementing Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint, it is likely the overwhelming ferrous target signal (or nulling) produced by the nail would have masked the conductive target signal produced by the Indian cent. But by seeing both targets simultaneously, and analyzing the ferrous and conductive values of each target, I was able to isolate and identify each target, and recover the coin.

Two targets uncoveredTwo targets uncovered

As indicated by the corrosion on the edge of the Indian Head cent, the two targets were touching before they were recovered.

Rust on the IndianRust on the Indian

The combined functionality of Target Trace and Target Trace Pinpoint has greatly increased my awareness of just how many adjacent targets there are in some locations. With the skill to detect and isolate targets, and by implementing the CTX 3030’s ability to assess the metallic properties of each, I have been digging old coins in sites that I long considered “hunted out”.

By having immediate access to a variety of operating modes, I am able to modify my technique instantly, allowing me to maximize the potential of the CTX 3030. I will explain the various modes available on the CTX 3030, and how to access them, in my next Treasure Talk blog: “CTX 3030 Multiple hunt modes at your fingertips - Previous Hunt mode + dual Patterns”.

Randy Horton AKA Digger


Many thanks for the info, clear and precise, I can see another book on the horizon
Posted By: DDazzzle on May 28, 2012 08:31pm
You are more than welcome DDazzzle. Glad you enjoyed the blog. As to another eBook........this TreasureTalk format allows folks like me to make various forms of information available "real time". And as you've demonstrated, you can make comments or ask questions of the person who wrote the information, and hopefully get a quick response. Although the X-TERRA eBook has been very well received, technology allows for so much more than printed text and still pictures. With that said, I have definitely accrued enough notes to put one together. But at this point in time, let's just say.... "I'll keep it in mind". Thanks again. HH Randy
Posted By: Digger on May 29, 2012 02:38pm
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