CTX 3030 and the CTX 06 Smart Coil

25 May 2012

My detecting has been taken to a whole new level by combining the 6-inch CTX 06 Smart Coil with the Minelab CTX 3030, a very lethal combination that I have aptly nicknamed “The Separator”.

It took some time to get used to swinging a 6-inch coil as you don’t cover much ground, a bit like painting a wall with an artist’s brush while concentrating very intently for the slightest signals. It is amazingly lethal due to the CTX 06 coil’s capability to move in between targets separating the ferrous from the non-ferrous with surgeon like precision, while the Target Trace feature translates the information on to the Smartfind 2 display, making it easier to identify good targets.

I couldn’t believe it when within minutes of starting to detect I had a target in an area that has been gone over at least 40 or more times by not only myself, but another E-TRAC user. It was a bit of an iffy signal coming in at an 11:48, but with audio response long it was very noticeable and certainly worth digging.

Surprised would be an understatement when the first coin of the day was an 1816 George III shilling that was literally standing upright. I was impressed with how the CTX 3030 picked it up.

Almost right next to it was another target, this one was an 1844 Victoria sixpence, also sitting slightly on its side. I was blown away, this site had been hunted heavily, but with this lethal combination I had a renewed energy for the site and a growing respect for the CTX 3030 matched with a 6-inch coil.

I was in disbelief when I had another signal only about 12 inches away. A shallow retrieve and out came a Victoria young head penny from only about 30 mm deep, I was surprised at what I was finding here still.

Mark Williams


Amazing, Mark, especially in such dry ground. I ordered one because a couple of old farmstead sites I want to explore have grown up rank with weeds and small saplings. Question: Have you marked any similar targets with the 6" coil, then seen how the stock 11" coil or the optional 17" coil would respond to it?

Thanks, Ned Ackerman, aka Niffler
Posted By: ackned on May 25, 2012 11:14pm
Always liked a small coil, currently use a 6" DD on my X-TERRA.
Will you be trying out the ctx 17" coil soon, hope there will be a video review
Thanks, D
Posted By: DDazzzle on May 25, 2012 11:21pm
Great video Mark. Very good demonstration of the 6-inch coil's ability to separate and identify targets, with great accuracy. Thanks for taking the time to document the recoveries. Nicely done! HH Randy
Posted By: Digger on May 27, 2012 09:07am
Ohh, gee - I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!! Will it be available at CTX 3030 launch date???
Posted By: Eyesight on May 29, 2012 09:11pm
Hi Ned,
Sorry I took so long to reply, I have been really busy answering all sorts of questions on other forums etc. I have tried both against each other and there was too much information on a couple of occasions and one other time it actually picked it up but I had to be on a certain angle, whereas the CTX 06 hit it from all but one angle. I never tried with the CTX 17 because the one time I used it around an old ruin it was just too big and picked up too many trashy signals, although it is awesome on parks and ovals and has some real punch.
Thanks Mark
Posted By: MarkW on June 05, 2012 07:27pm
There will be some videos and a blog on the CTX 17 coming soon.
Posted By: MarkW on June 05, 2012 07:28pm
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