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12 Aug 2019

Discovering History with Harold Peacock

Australian detectorist Harold Peacock is dedicated to unearthing history with Minelab. Armed with knowledge and experience in journalism, history, and archaeology, Harold has a passion for uncovering stories – visiting historical locations to find lost and forgotten relics and connecting  ...
23 Jul 2019

A Crash Course in Everything Coils

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is just how addictive metal detecting can be. Whether it’s gold prospecting, treasure hunting on the beach or searching fields for lost Roman artefacts, once you get  ...
01 Mar 2019

EQUINOX Tech Tip: Best Settings For Silver Hoard Hunting

The EQUINOX detectors armed with Multi-IQ are powerful and versatile for many locations and targets. To optimise the EQUINOX 600 and 800 specifically for hunting large silver hoards, some minor setting adjustments should done to maximise your chances of locating the cache.
06 Sep 2018

Nugget Detecting with the Minelab EQUINOX

Metal detecting for gold nuggets is one of the most difficult detecting tasks, and learning to run a VLF detector in highly mineralized ground will challenge even the best detectorists. There is more to this subject then can be covered  ...

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04 Jun 2018

‘EQUINOXing it’ out of the Park!

This blog entry may help give some insight into metal detecting in U.S. parks with lots of modern trash. It also illustrates how somebody like me experiments with different discrimination settings. In my view it is this kind of  ...
07 May 2018

EQUINOX 800 & Shallow Coin Hunting

I can think of no better time to put the new EQUINOX 800 through its paces on shallow targets than after a large festival. After these events, there are always an abundance of lost treasures lying mostly on the surface, hidden  ...
05 Apr 2018

Recovery Speed & Target Masking

Metal detectors, decades ago, had very limited depth capability. Therefore, increasing detection depth was a prime focus for all detectorists. Metal detector advertising has always made “more depth” part of the selling point for most new detectors. This  ...
28 Mar 2018

Dealing with bottle crown caps

One of the EQUINOX’s best features is its strong Target Identifications (TIDs) system. I’ve never seen a detector able to give such reliable TIDs at depth like the EQUINOX can. Not only in Multi-IQ (multi-frequency), but  ...
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