This posting lists Minelab products protected by one or more granted patents in various countries.

Minelab products protected by one or more granted US patents may also include a label directing the purchaser and public to this publicly accessible posting in accordance with the Virtual Marking requirements set out in the US Leahy-Smith America Invents Act 2011.

This posting, together with the label, also provides an indication of which Minelab products are protected under the Patents Act of various other countries.

Product(s) US Patent Number Australian Patent Number PCT Application Number Australian Provisional Application Number


CTX 3030

USD686924 (Design) AU342365 (Design)    
US8854043 (Target Trails) AU2013201248 (Target Trails)    
US13/763,513 (See-Thru) AU2013200451 (See-Thru)    
X-TERRA 305, X-TERRA 505, X-TERRA 705, X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack 7432715 2005276953    
Sovereign GT, Explorer SE Pro, Safari, E-TRAC, Excalibur 800, Excalibur 1000        
E-TRAC 7310586      
GPX 4500, GPX 4800, GPX 5000   2011200516, 2011101687    
8106770 2011200515, 2011101689    
6636044 AU783737    
6653838 783784    
6686742 782010    
* 6690169 *2001079426    
F1A4, F3, F3-Compact, HSTAMIDS        
F3, F3-Compact, HSTAMIDS 6636044 783737    
6653838 783784    
6686742 782010    
F3 Compact D652330      


7432715, D652330 2005276953    


SDC 2300






6636044 783737    
6686742 782010    
    PCT/AU2013/000210 AU2013201330
GPZ 7000 US20140232408 (Application only)   AU2009262370 (ZVT Tx, patent)      
US12/631604 (application only) (Salt Balance, patent)   AU2011200516, (Salt Balance, patent)      
US6636044  AU783737,      
US8106770 (Smooth GB, patent)  AU2011200515,  (Smooth GB, patent)     
  AU2012101855 (DoD coil, AU Innovation patent)     

US13/636659 (application only)

US20150035543 (application only) AU2013201330 (application only)      
GO-FIND Series

US29/517975( Design application only)

AU360432 (Design), 


*When used with Minelab Commander Coil series products


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