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CTX 17 Worth Its Weight In Gold Part II

September 25, 2013 09:00am

Mark Williams
Mark Williams metal detecting blog posts

My last blog was about the advantages of using the CTX 17 while hunting on beaches and I must say that I am still pulling out some great finds, including a few more rings and heaps of silver coins (florins, shillings, sixpences etc.) that have been there for a long time. Next I will cover parks & ovals to discuss the advantages of using the CTX 17 and the Volume Gain feature for both shallow and deep targets. My settings this time, although similar to what I use on the beach have a few small variations. 

When detecting for shallow or surface targets;

  • Discrimination – Silver pattern.
  • Volume Gain – between 7 – 9, so deeper targets would be detected but very faintly in the background.
  • Seawater – off
  • Recovery Fast – on
  • Recovery Deep – on
  • Response – Normal because this makes the targets crisper and sharper

I previously mentioned that the coil was massive and obviously heavier to swing, but since I use it most of the time now while detecting I have found that with the aid of the new PRO-SWING 45 harness, it actually feels quite natural and easy now. I have used the CTX 11 a few times in between hunts, finding that it now feels quite odd and takes so much longer to cover an area of ground (but still a great coil); therefore reducing the area detected which also reduces the ratio of finds per hour.

So one benefit as I have just mentioned and I guess it speaks for itself really, is that you are going to locate more targets by covering a larger area in the same amount of time that you would if you were swinging a smaller coil. As for shallow hunting for what we call Goldies in Australia (our one and two dollar coins) I have to say that the CTX 17 with its massive coverage simply hoovers them up. I recently spent about four and a half hours in an area after a concert that netted me $278 dollars and plenty of other bits and pieces with no difficulty in locating  multiple targets from pocket spills.

With the CTX 3030’s amazing ability to separate targets, I have found by using the above shallow surface target settings and making the deeper targets quieter by reducing the Volume Gain (usually between 7 – 9), suddenly the surface/shallow targets become crisper and clearer. Since using this feature and different coils in unison with each other to get the best from the CTX 3030, I have been totally blown away by the amount of pocket spills I find now, some having been there for quite a few years and in regularly detected areas, leaving me with no doubt that it can only be contributed to the ability of the CTX 3030.

Probably the best and most noticeable outcome while using the CTX 17 was despite its size and larger footprint it had no trouble whatsoever in locating multiple targets even if there were junk targets like pull-tabs and screw caps next to coins etc. Therefore I cannot stress enough how important it is to get to know what the detector is capable of by understanding its features, so please take the time and give it a go, you will be more than pleased with the outcome. As for deep targets, it looks like I will have to do a part III to explain this further.

Happy hunting,

Mark Williams


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Mark if you are running the volume gain between 7-9 so that you can concentrate on shallow targets,what do you have your sensitivity set at? My self I have been running at full volume gain and 5 in manual sensitivity for shallow targets and it has been working fairly well for me. Happy to try your settings and compare results.
Posted By: 2ndoldman on September 26, 2013 10:36am
hello I live in the east of France I was also looking good in the forest, in the vineyards and plowing what advice can you give me for volume adjustment gains because I am seeing 25 to 24 cordially
Posted By: lataupedu68 on November 04, 2014 08:00pm