Please welcome John Wilson "kiwijw" to Treasure Talk

23 May 2017

We are pleased to introduce John Wilson (kiwijw) as a new member to Minelab's Treasure Talk blog.
John is a New Zealander (Kiwi) and currently resides in the beautiful Otago Lakes District town of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand (known as the adventure capital of the world).

As a child, John always had an interest and fascination in the early pioneer settler days of New Zealand and the way the settlers made a hard living from scant beginnings. The adventures, discoveries and exploration of a new land. Incomes and livelihoods etched out of a hard and often harsh landscape. It took a certain person or couple to make it work.

John Wilson - Minelab Treasure Talk

Then came the gold rushes where all men were equal. It was the adventure, excitement, challenge and romance of the rushes that caught John's attention at an early age. The pioneering spirit is still alive in him but it has heightened with age.

Today, he loves nothing more than getting ‘out there’ as he calls it - walking and following in the footsteps of the old day miners with his detector in hand, searching for the crumbs, they missed or left behind. However, with him it isn’t always about the gold. It gets back to that sense of adventure and discovery and love of the outdoors. The gold just being an excuse to get ‘out there’.

John is a builder/carpenter by trade but outside of that just about every waking hour is spent either researching on gold forums or out detecting for gold.

John first got in to detecting about 30 years ago with a second hand coin and relic detector. Filling many large coffee jars over the years with coins, jewellery and all sorts of other metallic items, he was bitten with the bug and his detector went everywhere with him.

John got his first gold detector when the Minelab GP 3000 was released and with the help of different experts, he learnt to use that detector inside out. Over the years he honed his skills and it isn’t often that he doesn’t come home with a rattle in his jar. He had the GP 3000 for many years but eventually upgraded to a GPX 4000, but only briefly  before moving to a GPX-4500. He found steady success with the 4500 for four years before having a brief flirt with the SDC 2300.  John has more recently invested in the GPZ 7000 and loving it.

John Wilson - Minelab Treasure Talk John Wilson - Minelab Treasure Talk

John confesses to being a bit of a social media recluse and is not involved with Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Generally keeping, a pretty low profile he doesn't belong to any groups or associations. His only contact with the outside world and other like-minded people is through online gold forums and reading Minelab Treasure Talk.

John is extremely passionate about his detecting. He lives it and breaths it, according to his wife.

We look forward to reading what John has to offer and share with us in the way of hints, tips, tricks and settings with his adventures and finds using his Minelab equipment.

Welcome John. (kiwijw)!

and welcome from DetectorProspector forum too!



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