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Inside Team Minelab

May 30, 2016 04:37pm

Mark Williams
Mark Williams metal detecting blog posts

So often we go through life as consumers without really considering what actually goes on behind the scenes, be it our cup of coffee in the morning, mobile phones, computers, how we travel to work and the many thousands of products that we surround ourselves with to make life more pleasurable. So how much do we consider, when it comes to Minelab, the technology that is behind what I believe are the world’s best metal detectors, when we use them to find lost treasures. I was recently given the privilege of taking a tour through Minelab’s new headquarters at Mawson Lakes and have to admit I was surprised as to how much actually goes on behind closed doors. As a field tester I have been in and out of Minelab over the years often meeting with certain people and had seen what I thought was the team behind the development of detectors. This couldn’t have been further from the truth because during my tour I was blown away by how many more people are actually involved in the full process. 

As I roamed around for the day and was able to ask lots of questions it soon became apparent that I too had not fully considered the depth of the Minelab team and how extensive it is compared to what I had seen in the past. It seemed there were technicians and engineers tucked away in every nook and cranny either busily working away on some project or brainstorming together to come up with the next great machine. It is a real hive of activity where nothing is insignificant from the serious algorithm development right down to the design of a simple washer that all comes together in the end to give us the metal detectors we need to enjoy our great hobby. Not only are the internal workings something to be impressed by, but also the amount of effort that has gone into the in-ground test facility allowing Minelab’s detectors to be tested in a variety of soil types. Here is the first of two videos we made on the day.

So the next time you pick up your detector and head out treasure hunting to unearth your next  coin, relic or piece of gold, stop and consider the people behind the scenes and the multitude of combined hours that have gone into what you have just found and are now holding in your hand. I have a much greater appreciation now for the people behind the name; thanks Team Minelab!

You can find Mark's own blog; to have many useful tips and encouraging stories of successful hunts.

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