Gold in the hole

28 Sep 2018

This past Saturday I was invited out to the town of Pulaski, NY to help search a house that was built in the early 1900s. I looked up the address and found that on the property there was a house built in 1837 in the vacant lot next to the house. After arriving at the location to meet up with my digging buddy we decided to mow the grass on the vacant lot before we started detecting so we could cover that area as well. After about an hour of clearing the grass and brush, we began detecting. Larry was quick to jump on some Indian head pennies as I dug an old brass ring out of the front yard. As we moved toward the back of the property the targets got a little better. Larry dug up some older Indians and a silver Washington quarter and my next two targets were a silver Washington followed by several wheats then an 1874 Canadian quarter. I suggested to Larry that we move past the hedgerow that divided the yard and detect the area that had not been mowed yet in the back of true property. As I rounded the hedgerow I picked up a solid 12 on my EQUINOX 800 and I said Larry listen to this signal. He came over and swung his coil over it and says yeah that’s a nickel. So I dig down 6” and pull the plug and dirt out of the hole. As I start probing around with my pinpointed it starts ringing, I wipe away the top layer of dirt and it reveals itself to 1852 D Liberty Head Gold dollar!!! I literally sat down and tried to catch my breath as he walks over asking me what it is...I pointed at it and Larry was in shock for a second before saying it’s gold...there’s gold in the hole! After that, I didn’t find another target because I was so taken back at the find of a lifetime. We cleaned up for the day and will be going back this Saturday to mow the rest of the property and detect the remaining ground.

Dan - New York, USA

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