Product Notices for 2016

15 Feb 2016

Genuine VFLEX technology = precision X-TERRA performance.

X-TERRA first digital detector.jpg

Authorised Minelab/Coiltek X-TERRA coils are designed to automatically synchronise with X-TERRA Series detectors, as explained by our VFLEX technology description:

“VFLEX transforms conventional single frequency metal detection technology by including two microcontrollers (miniature computers), one inside the control box and one inside the coil. Every time the detector starts up, the microcontrollers establish communication via a digital data link. The coil microcontroller communicates the coil’s configuration, size and exact frequency, so the control box can generate a perfectly matched transmit signal. This significantly reduces distortion and increases Target ID accuracy.”


X-TERRA users should be aware that an unauthorised coil manufacturer is stating that a combination button press of POWER/PLUS/MINUS is required to enable their coils to work with X-TERRA detectors:

“Before using your new [brand] coil you need to let your X-Terra know that a different coil is fitted.  Hold down - & + buttons and turn on the machine holding those buttons down, the machine will then start scrolling through making a threshold tone, this can take a minute or so, after it’s finished you are ready to enjoy your new coil.”

While this may enable unauthorised coils to operate by bypassing the correct automatic start-up synchronisation procedure, pressing the combination keypad sequence of POWER/PLUS/MINUS is just a final production or service test to ensure all LCD segments are operating correctly. It has nothing to do with authorised coil calibration. Authorised coils are manufactured using special production test equipment and VFLEX calibration happens automatically every time an X-TERRA Series detector is turned on and senses an authorised coil. There is no need to perform any additional ‘secret’ combination button procedures to obtain optimum performance in various ground conditions or for different frequencies or to perform detection diagnostic checks. All detector functional adjustments are fully explained in the X-TERRA Series Instruction Manuals.

The range of Minelab X-TERRA accessory coils, and those from Coiltek, will give precision performance automatically. Unauthorised coils will not be properly calibrated to X-TERRA detectors, potentially giving decreased performance and inconsistent target ID accuracy over the wide range of operating conditions encountered while detecting.