Medal Returned After 86 Years


January 04, 2011 10:13am

Metal Detector Finds - 1924 Class Medal

I went on holiday to Port Victoria, a local fishing tourist destination. I decided to detect the shallows of the local beach with my Excalibur. I got a strong signal and recovered what I thought was a badly encrusted coin. Later I gave it a clean and it turned out to be a medal. It was from the local primary school which has been closed now for around 20 yrs. It read, top of the class 1924, grade 1 presented to Kathleen Edwardes.

There was a maritime museum on the foreshore and I decided to donate it to the museum. There was an elderly lady working there and I gave it to her, she told me she knew Kathleen and she was still alive and she would give it back to her next time she saw her. She is now 94 yrs old. They had old school records in the museum and I was shown them and it showed Kathleen enrolled in the school in 1923 and she was top of the class in 1924. Today I had a phone call from the museum and the medal was given back to Kathleen who was visiting the museum with her big sister who is 96 yrs old, they were both thrilled to bits, she had lost the medal 86 yrs ago. The museum want to put an article in the local newspaper about my returning the find and I couldn’t be happier, Kathleen has donated the medal to the museum, what a great start to a New Year thanks Minelab for the Excalibur.

Neilo – South Australia


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