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X-TERRA 705 Gold Vs Eureka Gold

November 15, 2013 01:41pm

Nenad Lonic
Nenad Lonic Treasure Talk blog author
A question I am often asked is: “I’m looking to buy a detector, but unsure whether to get an X-TERRA 705 Gold or the Eureka Gold”. It’s actually a very good question, as it isn’t an easy one to answer as there are advantages to each machine.
One of the main differences between these two units is that the Eureka Gold has three operating frequencies built in, 6.4, 20 & 60 kHz, whereas the X-TERRA 705 Gold operates on 18.75 kHz with its supplied 10x5” DD coil. However, the X-TERRA is quite unique in that you can change the operating frequency by changing coils, and there are three frequency options in the range of accessory coils: 3kHz, 7.5kHz & 18.75kHz. So, what’s the point of different frequencies? 
  • Very low frequencies (3 kHz) will detect higher conductive targets like copper and silver to a greater depth. 
  • Low frequencies (6.4 kHz or 7.5 kHz) are best on most modern coinage, and large gold rings. 
  • Mid range frequencies (18.75 or 20 kHz) are better on smaller less conductive targets, and also can handle certain soil conditions better. 
  • Then very high frequencies (60 kHz) do a great job on low metal targets such as gold in quartz specimens, fine gold jewellery, and small thin coins etc. 
So by selecting the correct frequency option for the desired target will improve results.
The other main difference is that the Eureka Gold was designed primarily with gold detection as its main purpose, but the 705 Gold is more a dual purpose unit. The X-TERRA 705 Gold has two selectable modes of operation, 1. Coin & Treasure, and 2. Prospecting, so it’s like having two detectors in one! The Coin & Treasure mode has full range discrimination, meaning you can reject junk targets such as aluminium foil and pull tabs, or set the discrimination to accept only a specific range of coins, e.g. in Australia this might be 50c, $1 & $2 coins. The Prospecting mode performs in a similar way to the Eureka Gold - with a modulated audio response which increases sensitivity by helping the operator to hear small and deep target signals. This makes it a versatile unit able to be used for a variety of detecting tasks, but there are advantages with both units.  
Eureka Gold advantages:
  • Three optional frequencies selectable at the flick of a switch  to optimize the detector for different sized targets
  • Audio boost switch to boost faint signals that may otherwise be missed 
  • 2 Tracking speeds (Fast/Slow) to optimize the detector for varying ground conditions 
  • Long life rechargeable battery supplied
  • Hip-mount capability
  • 3 optional accessory coils: 8” round DD for extra maneuverability, and 11” round DD for improved ground coverage & depth on larger targets, and 15” Coiltek (waterproof). 
  • Knobs and switches style detector so all the functions can be seen at a glance.
X-TERRA 705 advantages:
  • 3 frequency options, selectable by changing the coil to optimize for different target sizes
  • 3 Ground Balance options: Manual, Auto & Tracking – select the best option for different ground conditions 
  • Beach Ground Balance mode – for working the wet sand
  • Ground Balance readout - so you can follow the ground readings while searching (lower numbers means higher mineralizaton)
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Simple LCD menu system
  • Runs on just 4 x AA batteries  with over 20 hours run time
  • Optional Tracking Off-set for those who like to run their Ground balance slightly positive or negative 
  • 7 optional coils, including waterproof options, plus a range of Coiltek coils  
  • Excellent pin-point mode
  • Full discrimination in Coin and Treasure Mode (makes a great Coin & Relic detector) 
So from the above list of advantages, it comes down to individual preferences, but the other important question is: how does the performance of the two units compare? Well we know the X-TERRA 705 has a Coin & Treasure mode, so if someone wants to do a bit of gold prospecting and some coin shooting, then the 705 Gold is the obvious choice. But for someone just interested in gold prospecting the choice isn’t as easy. Basically, the Eureka Gold handles highly mineralized soils slightly better, and is capable of a little more depth over a wide range of target sizes. In saying that, the X-TERRA 705 when teamed up with the 6” DD 18.75 kHz coil is dynamite on small gold, but better suited to less mineralized soils.  The Eureka Gold will also do a better job of tracking out hotrocks, and in milder ground the Boost Signal can give you a depth increase. So from a performance perspective in the goldfields, the Eureka Gold has a slight edge, but if the goldfields in your area are relatively mildly mineralized, or you’d like the option to do some coin or relic hunting, then the X-TERRA 705 Gold is the better option.
By Nenad Lonic


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I have the 705 and enjoy it for both gold prospecting and coin and relic hunting. I've only had it a few months and am quite new at it, my first detector. Took me a while watching videos, reading and re-reading the manual and the e-book to operate it with some confidence. What I have found, and have not got an answer to, is that with a test gold nugget I get a strong signal in prospecting mode, iron mask set at 5. But in coin and relic, using either the Mf coil or Hf coil, both in All Metal and 0 discrimination, in the default program 1 which I modified to 0, I get absolutely no signal on my test gold nugget. Same goes for the other default programs 2, 3 and 4. I would think with All Metal setting or with a program set to 0 discrimination that in coin and relic I would be able to get a signal on gold. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Posted By: greybeard33 on November 16, 2013 03:53am
Since writing this blog, Coiltek have released a 6" round coil to suit the Eureka Gold, which is waterproof! The 6" coil works very well in the 60 kHz setting, which should make a great shallow wading unit with the Eureka Gold control box chest or hip-mounted. So I'd say that's another tick in the Eureka's favour if you're considering a unit primarily for gold detecting. But...did I hear someone say fine gold jewellery.....
Posted By: Nenad on November 18, 2013 10:13am
Prospecting mode can detect targets deeper than Coin mode. In Prospecting mode you can hear this extra sensitivity in the variability of the threshold tone. Discrimination capability is also traded off to get extra depth.

In many situations you will also get a bit of extra depth in Coin mode if you select Pinpoint.
Posted By: Phil on November 19, 2013 06:22am