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The new Minelab PRO-SWING 45 harness

August 02, 2013 10:00am

Gordon Heritage
Gordon Heritage metal detector professional

If you own a GPX 4800, GPX 5000 or the new CTX 3030, you'll be interested in Minelab's new harness; the PRO-SWING 45.

All GPX models are supplied with a good quality harness, and the PRO-SWING 45 builds on this platform, taking it to a higher level.

The main inclusion with this harness is an integrated J-strut, designed to transfer the weight of the detector from your shoulder and neck, down to your hip.

Figure 1Figure 1

On receiving my test product, I first had to assemble it. This was reasonably straight forward following a pictorial instruction leaflet.

The J-strut itself comes in two sections that need to be fitted together, after deciding whether it'll support a detector swung by your right or left arm. I'm right handed so I pushed the two parts together lining up the "R" to the arrow.

Figure 2Figure 2

You then push the long arm of the J-strut up into the padded chest strap (in my case the right strap), in the direction of the bungee loop, until it clicks into position.

Figure 3Figure 3

Then push the remaining short arm into the hip padding of the waist strap until it also clicks into position.

The bungee cord itself is one of the best I've seen. The strong plastic hook (R-clip) has an integrated cord grip. You can instantly change the tension by pulling the unattached cord (to release) and then adjust the length before pinching the cord against a thumb bar.

Figure 4Figure 4

One of the most important things to get right is adjusting the harness to fit your body. Adjusting the harness at eight points, five of which adjust strap lengths. The final adjustment is made to the wide back panel via a Velcro system, adjusting the harness for body length.

Figure 5Figure 5

In the field I tend to only use bungee support on my GPX 5000, or when using my CTX 3030 fitted with the large 17" x 13" CTX 17 accessory coil.

To use the PRO-SWING 45 with the CTX 3030, you first have to fit the supplied universal S-cuff to the upper stem.

Figure 6Figure 6

A Velcro strap secures this tightly; a rubber strip contacts the carbon upper stem, preventing any movement. The bungee strap then connects to the S-cuff's hook.

Figure 7Figure 7

The bungee cord can be quickly released once you start target recovery.

There's nothing worse than fighting the tension of a bungee as you sweep handfuls of soil across the coil. You can hook and unhook the bungee cord with one hand, and I can't imagine a better system.

This is a well thought out product, which has become an essential accessory for me using either the GPX 5000, or when swinging the CTX 3030 with my favourite 17"x 13" CTX 17 coil.

Well done Minelab, another great product!

Now get out there and find something!

Gordon Heritage

Watch the PRO-SWING 45 video


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Thanks for the review. This harness is exactly the solution to helping support my new CTX 3030 with the CTX 17 Coil, let alone my longer swinging outings. Many outings with the CTX have proven that I need something to help my longer stints.

As well balanced as the CTX is, it still takes a toll on the wrist and arm, particularly with the larger coil.

I've been trying to find and looking at re-purposing military "H" harnesses, and though some have come close, none have fit my projected needs as well as Minelab's approach to this design.

Your review helped re-affirm my order, placed just an hour before having read this piece of yours.

Your descriptions of adjustments are just the additional support I would be seeking whenever it arrives.

Thanks, Dave G
Posted By: dgatley on August 06, 2013 04:18am
previously, because of arthritis in my shoulder I purchased a Deus but never really liked it.
when the pro-swing Harness arrived I knew without trying it that this would be the answer.
Purchased a CTX 3030 and went off to the MLO Rally. The first day I put in 8 hours with the 17" coil - no pain at all! Love the harness, love the CTX
Posted By: nig for on September 17, 2013 09:36pm