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CTX 3030 go detecting anywhere!

May 22, 2012 12:50pm

Brenton O'Brien
Brenton metal detecting

In our latest CTX 3030 video, Nenad Lonic explains the waterproof features of the CTX 3030 and provides some tips about how to prepare the detector for use in water.

This video should answer a lot of questions and discussions on the forums about the CTX 3030 and its waterproof features.

The CTX 3030 can be fully submersed in water up to a depth of three metres in both fresh and salt water. Waterproof headphones are available as an optional accessory as well as two waterproof smart coils; CTX 06 (6-inch coil) and CTX 17 (17 x 13-inch coil).

As an extra note, while the WM 10 wireless module is not waterproof, you can still make use of it when detecting in water, as long as you keep it dry. Note, the Wi-Stream radio signal from the CTX 3030 is trasmitted from the LCD module, not the main control box under the armrest, so if the LCD becomes submerged the radio signal will be blocked by the water. This will result in the audio signal becoming broken every time the LCD goes under water. Therefore if you’re planning on wading out deeper than the height of the LCD then you should consider using the waterproof accessory headphones.

An interesting tip from BarnacleBill on Find's Treasure Forums (,1704518) suggests using a tether to ensure the detector doesn’t float way if you let it go to recover targets. There are two convenient tether points at the base of the handle that you can use to attach a tether.

CTX 3030 metal detector tether points

CTX 3030 metal detector tether points

Two of our resident expert TT bloggers, Gary Drayton and Tony Diana are avid beach hunters and will be providing plenty of tips for treasure detecting with the CTX 3030, both on land and in the water.

Their first blogs can be viewed here:

Beach hunting with the CTX 3030 - Part 1 - Gary Drayton

CTX 3030 audio magic - Tony Diana

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this short video that was filmed on a perfect autumn (fall) day. I was there and I have never seen anyone so disappointed to have to go back to work as Nenad was that day!

Brenton O’Brien


Informative, Brenton, thanks. Having used several older water detectors before I settled upon my (now ancient) first-model Excalibur, I remember admonitions to use a little silicone electrical grease on the threads, gaskets and seals to keep them from galling when parts are fitted together over them time and again. Of course, the grease would attract sand and grit, but a little care kept the gaskets clean. A bit of micro-fiber cloth for cleaning eyeglasses works wonders and can be washed with detergent. A question: would be using the grease be reasonable on the CTX 3030?

Thanks again, Ned
Posted By: ackned on May 23, 2012 12:57am
In recent years, as much as I loved the E-TRAC, and proved it to be a better unit than the Sovereign GT in many different ways, when it came to shallow water hunting, the Sovereign GT was still my go-to machine. This was mainly due to its ability to be hip mounted or chest mounted, keeping the control box high and dry, and away from the dangers of water and salt spray. However, even knee deep water and a slightly larger wave was still asking for trouble, so I kept my wading activities to fairly shallow water and/or picked the really low tides.

Now with the CTX 3030, I have all the great features I loved about the E-TRAC (and more!), and being waterproof means that I can wade in to waist height or more, still detect quite comfortably, and not have to worry about the detector getting wet! And with the WM 10 wireless module, I can mount that up on my shoulder and use my preferred headphones. That really is the beauty of the CTX 3030, you can hunt how you want to hunt, and take it anywhere you want to go!
Posted By: Nenad on May 22, 2012 02:42pm
Hi Ned,
I ran your question past the head of our mechanical engineering team. Here’s his answer:

“Keep the o-ring and the sealing edge on the battery clean, dry and free from damage. Any grease will only attract and keep dust, dirt and grit (beach sand) at the joint and potentially cause a leak. precisely the opposite of what you would think.”

Posted By: Brenton. on May 24, 2012 08:06am
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