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CTX 3030 audio magic

May 21, 2012 02:37pm

Tony Diana
Tony Diana - Expert underwater detectorist

In terms of audio options alone, the CTX 3030 is simply the most advanced treasure machine in existence. Minelab's engineers have placed a great deal of thought in coming up with different configurations for different hunting situations. There are many different configurations for listening to signals. I will discuss them here and talk about how they can be applied in the field.

The built-in speaker

Most detectorists prefer using headphones while hunting but having a buit-in speaker in the detector is a nice advantage. If you have ever arrived to a hunting spot only to discover you left your headphones at home, the integrated speaker is always a failsafe for keeping you in the hunt. It is also a nice tool if you are teaching someone to detect.

CTX 3030's built-in speaker CTX 3030's built-in speaker

You can walk and demo things like proper sweep and pinpoint with the integrated sound. If you use this option you can expect clear, crisp signals from a high quality speaker. Also bear in mind at the end of your hunts it is a nice thing to do a blanket review! By spreading your finds on a blanket you can go over them again and mentally 'drink in' the signal shape and tone qualities. The integrated speaker is a nice way to do this review.

Waterproof Headphones

This is the option I have used the most in that I am a water hunter and I like the option of exploiting water features as I find them. If you are beach hunting you cannot go wrong with the waterproof Koss Headphones. Should you decide to wet or dry sand hunt you are covered and if you observe a hole or trough in the water you can venture in with confidence. Rings and Jewelry like to hide in low spots and the CTX 3030 will take you where you need to hunt without worries about getting things wet.

Waterproof headphones connected to the waterproof headphone socketWaterproof headphones connected to the waterproof headphone socket

¼-inch headphone module

The headphone module attaches over the area where the waterproof headphones would go. The retaining screw can be tightened with a coin and now you can use your favorite deep woods/relic type headphones.

Koss headphones plugged into the ΒΌ-inch headphone moduleKoss headphones plugged into the ¼-inch headphone module

This option is a very nice advantage to have on a waterproof machine in that you have the best of both worlds. Thus you can use waterproof or site specific headphones. No doubt this is a feature that will be used by land and relic hunters.

Speaker in the WM 10 Wireless Module

It is important to point out that the built-in speaker on the back of detector display is loud and crisp, however listening to the sounds through the wireless module gives you quite a bit of creative flexibility. You can clip the WM 10 to your belt, to the collar of your shirt or even place it in your shirt pocket.

WM 10 Wireless Module clipped to chest pocketWM 10 Wireless Module clipped to chest pocket

And my favorite is that you can clip it to the under brim of your hat (It's not too heavy). This gives you very clean, present sound with the intimacy of headphones and yet the complete acoustic awareness to keep vigilant for snakes and potential hazards.

WM 10 Wireless Module clipped to the rim of my hatWM 10 Wireless Module clipped to the rim of my hat

WM 10 Wireless Module with your choice of headphones

This is a brilliant option! No need to purchase dedicated wireless headphone. The WM 10 makes any headphone you plug into it wireless. And the headphones are attached to the WM 10 on your belt and not tethered to your CTX 3030.

CTX 3030WM 10 Wireless Module with headphones plugged in

This means you can dig and shovel to your heart’s content without the wire tug of war between your headphones and your detector. Again you can expect clear, crisp sound without delay.

In short most hunters will likely pick one or two options and use them most of the time, but by understanding the different CTX 3030 audio configurations you will have the ability to adapt and overcome any situation the field throws at you.

I’ll write about the very flexible audio settings in the next article... until then… wishing you treasure in your pouch and gold in your Scoop!

Tony Diana
Basic Ear Training for Excalibur


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