Prospecting • Community • Environment

Minelab’s Gold Mining division identifies three elements symbolising key strategic areas of commitment to local small scale mining communities. Minelab believes that developing the connections between Prospecting, Community and Environment best reflects its long term vision towards a successful, sustainable future for these mining communities.

The Gold Mining ‘Benefits’ logo is therefore represented as:

Green Benefits logo Separator Green Benefits - Prospecting

Gold miners can use Minelab handheld gold detectors to prospect for gold nuggets.

Using Minelab detectors means that when they dig, they dig for a reason and in the labour-intensive world of small scale gold mining, the ability to find more gold with accuracy is important.

Green Benefits - Community

Minelab teams travel extensively to remote gold mining communities providing training and direct support in the goldfields.

Spending time to understand the needs of small scale gold miners and investing in local development initiatives is always of mutual benefit.

Green Benefits - Environment

In gold mining regions, traditional practices continue to present hazard and risk to gold miners and the environment.

Prospecting with Minelab offers an alternative that provides clear-cut ‘environmental benefits’ with best practice.


Prospecting Community Environment


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