Our Purpose

Minelab sparked a revolution in metal detecting with the launch of our first detector in 1985. With over three decades of excellence, we continually deliver the best performance and are passionate about creating premium quality products for your greatest detecting advantage. We are proud to supply products to the US Army for landmine clearance efforts, to humanitarian groups for farmland de-mining, to developing world countries for safe gold mining, to archaeologists for finding a missing piece of history, to recreational detectorists around the world, and so much more…


After the Storm

Darren’s life changed over the course of 18 days of snorkelling and wading with his Excalibur – here is his haul of gold rings!

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Saving Lives & Finding Treasure!

Robert decommissioned over a thousand mines, grenades and explosives from around churches, schools and kindergartens in Croatia. 

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Gold Found in Burkina Faso

Apanga used to pan for gold. Within one hour, with his X-TERRA 705, he found a nugget in the area he had been panning in for 3 weeks without success.

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At Minelab, we believe in changing people's fortunes in many different ways. Your fortune could be as small as a silver coin, introducing the excitement of discovery to a child, or a life changing gold nugget worth thousands of dollars. Whether you're new to detecting or already an expert, you can trust Minelab's world leading technology to deliver superior results, because...

Minelab make the world’s best metal detectors!

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