Requirements of a Mine Detector


Minelab's design philosophy emphasises operator safety. Therefore it is our belief that any mine detector should:

  • Be capable of operating in the worst magnetic soils with no loss of sensitivity
  • Have a built in speaker that is active at all times and can be heard by the operator and the supervisor in humanitarian demining applications
  • Have a search pattern which is maximised by being cylindrical in shape for full ground coverage, not conical, as mines could easily be missed
  • Be capable of detecting all types of mines, both metal and minimum metal, buried at the maximum operational depth, in all soil conditions
  • Be adaptable for all situations by having the control box and/or batteries mountable either on the detector shaft or on the operator's belt or shoulder
  • Have the cable leading to the search head enclosed along the length of theshaft to prevent damage
  • Have no loss in sensitivity through the life of the batteries
  • Have no sensitivity or volume controls that would allow the operator to accidentally reduce the sensitivity of the detector resulting in a dangerous situation.

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