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South Australian Nuggets

April 27, 2017 11:39am

Gordon Heritage
Gordon Heritage metal detector professional

Late last year I finally managed to get a trip Australia. This was primarily a business trip but I included a second week to get a taste of Australian gold prospecting.

The state I was visiting was Southern Australia, not an area well known for finding nuggets like those of Victoria or Western Australia. But that's where I had an ace up my sleeve; I have good friends Trevor Ferraresso and Trevor Clark who knew where to take me to maximise my chances.

I was armed with my GPX 5000 with a full set of Coiltek Elite coils, thanks to Trevor Ferraresso.

They took me out to a private property north of Adelaide for a few days in the outback. Sleeping under the stars and searching for gold during the days and evenings.

If I'd thought this was going to be an outback ordeal, I was soon corrected when I found by first nugget. Out came the chilled champagne and new season prawns for a feast fit for a king. 

You can watch the first nugget video here.

And this is how things continued; detecting hard in the day and fine dining and cold beers in the evening. Then a couple of hours of detecting under the stars.

I found four nuggets as we tried to find a new patch. It was on the last day at the last hour before we had to leave that Trevor Ferraresso came running over waiving his arms, he'd found a patch that he named Caleb's ridge (after his son). So we all raced over to the ridge for a last half hour search.

I managed to get a couple nuggets, one high up on a ridge. Trevor Clark returned a week later and found a lot more nearby, we were so close... time can be cruel!

Here's Trevor's video of the first nuggets from Caleb's ridge.

Thanks Trevor(s), I can't wait to return in a year or so!



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