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EQUINOX Tech Tip: Best Settings For Silver Hoard Hunting

March 01, 2019 02:06pm

Minelab Electronics
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The EQUINOX detectors armed with Multi-IQ are powerful and versatile for many locations and targets. To optimise the EQUINOX 600 and 800 specifically for hunting large silver hoards, some minor setting adjustments should done to maximise your chances of locating the cache.

Here are the best settings to use:


Mode: Park 1
Frequency: Multi-IQ
Recovery Speed: 1
Iron Bias: 0
Sensitivity: As high as your environment allows


Set PARK MODE by pressing the coil button and cycling through until you see the 1 under the PARK MODE icon selected. Next cycle through the detector settings and set the Recovery Speed to 1, then hold the settings button for two seconds to access the Iron Bias adjustment and set this to 0. Lastly, ensure you are in Multi-Frequency, which is indicated by this symbol on the main detect screen.

Using these settings will optimise the EQUINOX for detecting and locating that elusive silver hoard.


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