Winter day.

CTX 3030

January 29, 2019 02:39am


Winter day. An irresistible desire to find something truly valuable wins common sense. Having agreed with the friend about departure to dig, decided that in such cold season the only correct decision, was to find the warm room. Such premises are available. The old house was built in 1853, but it was already a rebuilt building, which stood on the same Foundation. The owners of the house did not mind, because they are a family-grandfather and grandmother of a friend. Armed with flashlights, a small shovel and a metal detector, we went down to the basement. In the basement there was a lot of space under the whole house, the only inconvenience was the height, about 0.7 meters. I had to work on my knees and even lying down. Signals was many, sometimes this was foil from chocolate, and not a rare case vaccination drugs. We decided to check the area of 1.5 * 1.5 meters. Neatly seeking to not raising dust began to dig every signal. At a shallow depth began to date coins of the USSR, but CTX 3030 showed that there are deeper signals. As it turned out later, it was a copper coin of tsarist Russia. A pleasant surprise for all was the leaf covered with gold. Perhaps this piece was a link in the chain of a beautiful necklace. STH did it! The search took less than an hour, and the result is amazing. Over a Cup of coffee, we showed our findings to relatives. Everyone was happy and satisfied.

Aleksandr – Penza City, Russia


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