Ultra rare Caligula Denarius struck between 37-38AD


May 09, 2019 05:50am


I recently took up metal detecting, Nov 2018 and purchased the fabulous Xterra 705 as my first machine. After upgrading the coil to the 15”er I wanted to test it out. I went out on a beautiful bank holiday Sunday with a couple of friends, with high hopes to find something I can decipher. As all my other finds had been copper coins that were past it.

After changing field I picked up a great signal, and using the ProFind 35 pointer I unearthed a Caligula Denarius, struck between 37-38AD in amazing condition. An ultra rare coin, highly sort after worth five figures!

Thank you Minelab!

X-TERRA 705 finds Ultra rare Caligula Denarius struck between 37-38AD

Declan - Wales, United Kingdom


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