Trash equals Treasure

CTX 3030

November 25, 2018 11:58am

pie wedge.JPG

Everyone knows that corner of your favorite field. The corner that seems to accumulate all the tin cans, pop tops and nails. The corner that the plow picked to dump every piece of junk there is. Well that's my favorite spot on the field. I figure if the plow is pushing the junk there, the good stuff must be following.
This week, on one of the Dig Teams well worked colonial era fields, I took the CTX3030 into the heart of the trashiest area of the field. The trash so bad, I was excited to pull a square nail from the ground. During the first hour or so I made 2 or 3 trips back to the truck to dump my trash pouch. Literally 100 pieces of Can-slaw nails aluminum etc. BUT persistence pays off. With all the junk tones bleeding together, I started digging anything with a tone or number that sounded close to non ferrous. First up was a beautiful condition 18th century Blow hole button complete with shank. After another 30 minutes I heard a chirp of something good. It was deep and mixed in with the familiar tones of iron, but the chirp was distinct and seemed to be separate from the rest of the lesser tones, about 10 inches deep I popped it from the hole and after another few minutes of pinpointing, I saw the pie shaped goodness, a single wedge of a clipped 1700's silver 2 reales. Awesome tiny piece of treasure and worth every second of digging the trash.

CTX 3030 finds blow hole button

Frank - New Jersey, USA


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