Silvercoin from the late Middle Ages


March 12, 2019 08:36am


I have been on the road in Bavaria with the EQUINOX 800 for 7 months. My best find so far was in a very steep slope near a medieval ruin. When I almost wanted to give up after a lot of rubbish. Came in a very nice and clear signal with guide value 14. At first glance it seemed as if it were a beer lid but when I pulled it out of the ground it was a beautiful silver coin from the late Middle Ages. This coin is called the Etschkreuzer and comes from Tyrol from Meinhard the 2nd. And his sons (1274-1335)
I am very proud of this find because only a few of these coins have been found in my hometown. Thank you Minelab for the best Detector EQUINOX 800.

EQUINOX 800 finds silver coin

Tom – Bavaria, Germany


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