Seated coin spill

CTX 3030

November 21, 2018 07:36am


I was out teaching a local couple who own a piece of land that has a couple old mid 1800s cobblestone structures on it. As we had searched and dug every signal before from square nails horse harness and saddle parts to an Indian head penny with no date. I got a high tone at 10 inches and an echo tone just under the first. I instantly thought quarter but was hoping for a barber at 10 inches the ground is hard as rock in Oklahoma. So as I get the last shovel out and reach into the hole with the pin pointer I dig some with my hand and feel the edge of a coin I look down and one is facing the other is on edge. I get out my hand digger and slowly pull up on the outside as I did so the two coins became 3 as it came out of the hole. One is counter stamped BOYD. I felt great after digging these it just goes to show you dig everything and the good stuff will come.

Roger - Oklahama, USA


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