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Excalibur II

March 01, 2019 12:52pm


My wife and brother-in-law and I just got back from a week in Bonaire. Diving was great and detecting although difficult due to the beach conditions was surprisingly productive. Despite the rubbly sand and millions of bottle caps I managed to find 4 gold rings. $29.00 in change and to my great surprise a 1732 Spanish reale. Not sure of the denomination, but a five sided coin a little larger than a quarter. It was totally encapsulated in sand and corrosion, and I almost discarded it except for the odd shape. Cleaned it after getting back home and was amazed to see the inscriptions beginning to appear and then the date...1731! I have used an Excalibur for years, but this new equinox is rapidly becoming my go to machine. With a little work it was pulling coins trough the bottle cap graveyard with ease. Thanks Minelab for an affordable and efficient machine! Also found 4 gold rings in Dominican Republic last fall on a trip.

Excalibur II find 1732 Spanish realeExcalibur II find 1732 Spanish reale

Earl - Arkansas, USA


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