Nine months detecting strikes gold plus more


January 23, 2019 07:13am


I'm new to Minelab from Scotland. Thought I would share my recent finds with you after purchasing my EQUINOX 800 a month ago.
Just a normal Sunday attending a club dig. I arrived early was first one there so had my breakfast waiting for the dig to begin. After getting a brief on where we were aloud I headed along the back stubble field heading almost all the way to the other side without a good signal this was some quiet fields... on my way back to another field I managed a couple buttons and bits of lead. Now on to the second field again rather quiet odd button and toasted copper coins I thought here we go it's going to be one of them days. As I was swinging my coil threw the icy stubble I got a booming signal coming in at 18 on the EQUINOX 800 telling me I had something good rather close to the surface. I pin pointed my target and dug carefully and revealed a coin shaped object with a blue grey tone to it. I started cleaning it slowly then as I removed more dirt my heart beat got faster and faster as I came to realise it was a hammered Edward groat! Which is a first for me. After calling on other diggers to show them my find and help search the area for more but nothing turned up. I was happy with my coin and not in a bit bothered if I found anything else that day so went for my dinner early as I knew we were changing fields later where more hammered came up the previous week. I headed out to the next field following an old fisherman’s path under a bridge. As soon as I started swinging I knew this area had a lot more activity. I dug a target which was a spindle whorl which is a first for me and when I looked up I seen a friend giving me the thumbs up about 50meters from me in the same detecting path, that was the hammy call! so I took four steps towards my friend then got a steady signal at 14 I thought i was into another hammy I dug about 2inches off the top and poking out the soil was a gold object I got heavily excited and called on a fellow detector to confirm I had found my first bit of GOLD! A lovely poesy ring over the moon I wasn't really trying to detect made my way to my friend and managed to dig a cut half that I can't I.D. that came in at 9 and a sixpence. Had the best time detecting ever and now have complete confidence in my new machine EQUINOX 800 Thank you Minelab you have done me well!

EQUINOX 800 finds ring, coils & relicsEQUINOX 800 finds ring, coils & relics

Gary – Scotland, USA


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