Never Hunted Out!


February 26, 2019 08:10am

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It was early one morning as I arrived to an area, a city park that I had done research the night before after work. I showed up thinking, this will be my day to find an old coin. After about 2 hours and recovering my fair share of Relics. I get a great 12 signal and in my mind I’m thinking nickel! I assumed the area had been previously hunted as clad and silver coins were scarce. This 12 signal was being recorded as a live dig for my YouTube channel and to my surprise I see a gold rim on the side of the plug. My nickel came out to be an 18k signet ring made by Hammerman Bros (HB). My day was even better, no silver coin but a gold ring was even better.

EQUINOX 800 finds gold ringEQUINOX 800 finds gold ring

Diggin Texas - Texas, USA


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