Never give up - EQUINOX 600

23 May 2019

So about 2months ago I bought my EQUINOX 600 switching from other gold detector machine which is my dad’s backup MD. On my first walk with the NOX we ‘walked’ together, me with the NOX dad with other detector to compare VDI. On that first day I found a silver coin dated 1849, the other detector didn’t even see it. On the next day out he brought his detector. Again the NOX was a winner, sometimes didn’t see coins and relics where the NOX was banging the signals. He went home, called the dealer and ordered the NOX800 (because he has to maintain BOSS) My dad is physical disabled. He can only walk short distances. With all the fields seeded we now search pasture. On fields he can dig himself but on pasture he doesn’t have the strength in his muscles to dig. So he is riding around on a lawnmower without the mowing part (a little tractor­čÜť) or his mobility scooter, marking good targets with bamboo sticks with little flags on them, so when I come close to one I dig it out. So the message of this story: Don’t just give up (fun) things when you think your body can’t do it anymore.

Karin - Provincie Groningen, Netherlands

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