My top five discoveries after five years metal detecting


January 08, 2019 12:00pm


I thought I would share my top five discoveries after five years metal detecting with the CTX 3030 and the new EQUINOX 800.

Top left is an extremely rare Roman lead Ingot found with the CTX 3030.

Top right and middle right is a Saxon gold tremissis was found with the CTX 3030 and is now with the British Museum because it is part of a hoard previously found by another detectorist.

Bottom left is a Edward IV second reign London mint Groats mm55 found with the EQUINOX 800

Bottom middle is a matrix seal with the equinox inscription reads:
Seal of Alice Bat'
date is c. 1200-1330 ish. Found with the EQUINOX 800.and last but not least bottom right

bronze age votive axe head, found with the EQUINOX 800.

Jason baker  - England, UK


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