Lovely Yellow Morning :)


November 29, 2018 07:18am


Morning Everybody,
Yesterday was the first time I used the new 15 inch coil with my EQUINOX 800. I was out in very quiet fields, I could hear a few irons, but nothing interesting. Then at a moment, a small but clear sound, I dug and saw some yellow colour in the hole, I was excited, I took it in my fingers, Ouahhhh a beautiful, gorgeous MEDIEVAL GOLD RING WITH STONE!!!!
So many, many thanks to Minelab. I was a DEUS user before, but Ouahhhh, I definitely continue with EQUINOX, many thanks :)

EQUINOX 800 finds Medieval Gold Ring with StoneEQUINOX 800 finds Medieval Gold Ring with Stone

Michael - UK


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