Lost $250,000 ring found and returned to owner

CTX 3030

April 13, 2019 03:50am


Wednesday afternoon I was contacted by a lady who had been pruning the hedge when she felt her ring slip off her finger. She spent time shaking the bushes and feeling around the roots, after realizing she needed something else like a metal detector, she decided to call me.
This morning I went to a suburb in Auckland to a residential address and met the lady who showed me the area in the garden she had been working.
I started using my metal detector from the footpath as the garden was directly below it and then I used the pinpointer to get into the crevices. I could hear the pinpointer buzzing before I saw the rows of diamonds.
She was relieved to get her $250,000 platinum ring back on her finger.
I was even more relieved to find it after she told me how much it was worth!

CTX 3030 finds Lost $250,000 ring

Ian – Auckland, New Zealand


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