Iron wanted! Sometimes, namely when it is medieval…


May 15, 2019 05:04am


Iron wanted!
Sometimes, namely when it is medieval…
I found a medieval dart, some ancient nails and probably also a spur on May 12th, 2019 in Central Bohemia, some 70 kilometres (ca. 55 miles) west of the capitol Prague on one of the hills there. Some legends say that there was a battle in 805 A. C. between Frank battalion of French king Charles the Great (Charlemagne, 748-814) and Slavonic duke Bech, where Bech was killed.
Normally, the great advantage of EQX is that I don`t have dig iron, but in such an area I dig all on purpose. And the result was that time wonderful!
All the findings are already reported to the Museum of Rakovnik where they belong and will be given to.

EQUINOX 800 finds medieval dart,

Richard Jan Voigts, Czechia (Bohemia)


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