Gold Louis VI 1787 coin ( Louis D'or)


May 07, 2019 12:15pm

Hello folks,, couldn't be happier with my EQUINOX 800 today. here in Quebec Canada . Unearthed a French Gold Louis 16 coin. even had the chance to record my one and only gold dance..Gold coins are so rare here that you are almost treated like a liar because our country is so young.. Yes the coin is a bit banged up, but doesn't bother me one bit... Went on this new permission a few days ago with 2 of my buddies,,I worked hard to get this permission.. for a weird reason that day my EQUINOX did some weird things and thought it was defective, but finally my sensitivity was too high and meanwhile my buddies were popping out coins of 1723, 1749 and 1822.. in front of my eyes ,,I was upset but the problem was my lack of training I did with the 800" Got home and found out the problem of my high sensitivity ..Set every thing to lower sensitivity and went back today .. 30 seconds in the field with the right settings and popped out with a signal of 16 the pride of my 6 years of detecting.... Will remember this day till im 99 and detecting with my wheelchair.... thanks for listening
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EQUINOX 800 finds Gold Louis VI 1787 coin ( Louis D'or)EQUINOX 800 finds Gold Louis VI 1787 coin ( Louis D'or)

Pierre - Canada


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