EQUINOX finds 15th century memento Mori gold ring


March 11, 2019 08:13am


I have been detecting for about 6 months now with my EQUINOX and it has found me some amazing finds but nothing compares to what I found when out with the Shropshire and North wales metal detecting club.

We were detecting a farm in Powys mid wales which is steeped in history from Iron Age hillfort, Roman occupation and a Welsh medieval castle. I was walking down an old sheep path when I received a lovely number 14 on my equinox , I slowly dug around it and out popped what I thought was a toy ring. I put it in my finds bag and carried on detecting, at the end of the day I showed it to Mark William who runs the club and he was amazed he said you do not have a toy ring that is a medieval gold ring. I went home and did some research and was shocked when I found out what it was.

A 15th century Memento Mori gold ring. These rings where popular in the Middle Ages and where worn to remember a loved one who had passed away. I have now handed the ring into the British Pas scheme and it should be appearing in a museum within a year.

EQUINOX 800 find 15th Century ring

Dave - United Kingdom


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