Epic Equinox Drained Beach Hunt - Rolling In The Gold!


January 08, 2019 05:32am

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My buddy Lee and I recently visited a lake beach that that dates back to the 1930's that has been drained down to the point where we could walk out where normally we would be chin deep in water. This beach gets pounded very hard every summer by all kinds of water detectors but the sand is so deep that a lot of goodies were still lying hidden just waiting for an EQUINOX to come along. I had just recently purchased a new 15" coil for it days earlier and thought - what a good test this will be. I was not wrong! The EQUINOX with 15" coil equipped is just AMAZING! After adjusting a few settings and getting it tuned in, I started pulling up rings and coins 20"+ deep in the wet sand. Very old gold and silver that has not seen the light of day in 80+ years. In a 2-day hunt, we ended up getting 7 gold rings, silver rings, medallions, silver coins, war nickels, and lots of other neat stuff lost for nearly a century in this little lake. In one weekend, the EQUINOX has already paid for itself, what an impressive machine!

Jason - Illonois, USA


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