American gold found on Canadian Island

CTX 3030

March 11, 2019 12:56pm


Well I don’t know what to tell you, my best friend and I hunt every day, we are both fans of the Minelab products and have used many other detectors on our way to this choice, preferring them. We both hunt using the CTX 3030, recently I got together with my friends family and we all chipped in for an EQUINOX 800, for his 50th birthday. It took him a few weeks to get comfortable with it, and then in the past week he has found 21 silvers, and a GOLD COIN!!!!! It’s been ridiculous, after he uncovered an old 1903 half dollar and an 1881, 25 cent piece I ordered one on the spot. 4” down, solid 19 in the plug and 18 repeatable out using the EQUINOX 800, he found a 1901 Gold Half Eagle in the oldest and most hunted park in our city. That people have been hunting since the early 1970’s.

CTX 3030 finds 1901 gold coinCTX 3030 finds 1901 gold coin

Ross Crockett – Canada


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