After the storm

01 Feb 2013
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I am living in Russia , I have used an Excalibur for more than ten years with a great deal of success . In 2011 I was on vacation with my wife, at a popular resort town on the black sea coast. While we were there , a big storm came that lasted 4 days. After the storm I went detecting in the water with my Excalibur II, I was finding a lot of coins and silver rings and the usual stuff, lots of lead and bullets. I quite often find a gold ring or two with my Excalibur so I wasn't too surprised when I dug up a large silver cross and chain, I was digging mostly just the high tones , my next signal produced a big fat 14k wedding ring ! I was feeling pretty good about things by now.

My next signal sounded the same , I was astonished when I lifted my scoop and found an almost identical gold wedding ring . I checked in my pouch to make sure I still had the other ring, sure enough, there it was !

I carried on detecting and went home with 4 almost identical heavy gold rings . I have to make this story shorter somehow , because I stayed another 18 days at this place and found multiple gold rings every day I was there, my best day was 10 gold rings, all big fat ones.

The attached pic is my total haul of gold rings from 18 days snorkelling and wading with the Excalibur.

surfman - Smolensk, Russia

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