3030 brings light to a 5000 year old artifact

CTX 3030

November 26, 2018 01:44am


Indian culture and artifacts are present but not often dug or found in the Midwest and my home state, Wisconsin. Old culture copper is a dream dig for me. Spent my whole season running my Nox 800 and was currently chasing 20 Indians for the year and 100 silver and needed one more Indian and decided the CTX 3030 is the machine I need today for depth and coverage since I’m running the 17. Later this afternoon we would get snow to basically end my season. As I ventured over to chat with a buddy who came to hunt with me I talked and started to swing my coil as we stood and shared conversation. I had a scratchy 12-41/42 at 9 and noticed some iron on my screen and said “look a deep nail...I’ll dig it while we talk”. 12 inches down revealed my first triangulate spear point/lance. Approximate age 5000 years old and almost perfect. Next stop...a museum. Thank you Minelab.

CTX 3030 finds triangulate spear point/lanceCTX 3030 finds triangulate spear point/lance

Michael - Wisconsin, USA


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