15th - 17th century gold posy ring


May 14, 2019 04:50am


I set off for a few hours detecting on a real windy day, got to the field it was like a sandstorm. I turned my EQUINOX 600 on with my 6” coil and off I went.

My first 5 or 6 signals were bits of lead and can, i got a strong signal of 7 when i dug it out I seen a flash of gold. I was not expecting to see a gold posy ring.

I started to do a little gold dance the ring was inscribed with: I joy to find a constant mind

The EQUINOX 600 is working well for my, my settings were field 2, 5 tone, and iron bias 2

EQUINOX 600 finds 15th - 17th century gold posy ring

Steve - Scotland, United Kingdom


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