November 22, 2018 10:28am


Detecting a USA world war 2 Army Air force training airfield. I had already had good day digging and headed to my truck, as it was getting dark. I got a slamming high tone about 8” deep and dug a sterling ID bracelet of one of the soldiers stationed there in the 1940’s. Once I got home, I located via Facebook a family member and within 2 hours, I was speaking with the soldier’s son. I got his address and mailed the bracelet along with a few more finds from the airbase. The son received the package 4 days before Veterans Day. Mr Gold’s 73-year-old son is also a detectorist and a club member in North Carolina. He also uses an Equinox. An Aussie friend, Tim Hill is helping to attempt locating the family or owner of the dog tag. Many tags found in Australia has been return to the states.

EQUINOX 600 finds1940's bracelet and coinsEQUINOX 600 finds1940's bracelet and coins

Larry - USA


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