News for 2016

New Product – GPZ 19 Super-D Coil

26 Oct 2016


Minelab is pleased to announce that the much anticipated GPZ 19 Super-D Coil will be available for purchase from the 14th November in Australia (and soon after in other regions)! The GPZ 19 has been designed to maximise the performance of your GPZ 7000 and give a significant depth increase over the standard GPZ 14 coil.

Longest serving Minelab dealer retires

27 Sep 2016

Miners Den North QLD.jpg

Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies, today announced that George Mayer, the owner of North Queensland Miners Den in Cairns, Australia is retiring. He will be closing his store on September 30th 2016.

Minelab awarded contract to develop new handheld device detector for the Australian Defence Force

08 Sep 2016

RPDE T54 Detector

Minelab Electronics has been awarded a $6.7m contract by the Department of Defence to develop a new Handheld Device Detector (HDD). The funding received under this contract is to further develop a dual sensor metal detector which incorporates ground penetrating radar. It will partially offset the development costs of the product, and the project is expected to be completed by 2018.

Massive 145-Ounce (132-troy ounce) Gold Nugget found with GPZ 7000

25 Aug 2016

gold found with minelab GPZ 7000.jpg

The ‘Friday’s Joy’ gold nugget is expected to bring more than $250,000 AUD. It was discovered in a worked-over area at the far southern edge of Central Victoria’s Golden Triangle on a recent Friday morning by a seasoned prospector wishing to remain anonymous. After discovering a 9-ounce tennis ball-shaped gold nugget more than two feet deep with his Minelab GPZ 7000 the previous day, he went back for more.

Finding Gold in the Adelaide Hills

27 Jul 2016


We are pleased to notify you of a 4 minute segment on the Adelaide Hills Gold Rush that was broadcasted on Tuesday, 26 July 2016 on Today Tonight Adelaide.

Filmed in the Adelaide Hills, the segment features Peter Charlesworth, General Manager of Minelab, talking about Minelab’s technology and superior performance: “Our patented technology, [and we are the only ones in the world with this], enables the machines to punch through that mineralisation to be able to find the metal. It turns out that, in particular, gold nuggets are often located where there is mineralised soil.”

2000 Year Old Roman Ingot Found With CTX 3030

16 Jun 2016

CTX 3030 finds roman ingot in the UK 3 v2.jpg

In May 2016, Jason Baker discovered an extremely rare “Roman lead pig” with his CTX 3030 on a rally organised by the Southern Detectorists Club in Wellls, Somerset.

This piece dated between 164 AD -169 AD, is a Roman mining ingot with the inscriptions of the ruling emperors - "IMP(ERATOR) DVOR (UM) AVG (VSTI) ANTONINI ET VERI ARMENIACORVM", which translates - “The property of the emperors Marcus Aurelius Armeniacus and Lucius Verus Armeniacus”. This is a very interesting and unique find as only a few exist that are complete

GO-FIND Series Wins Good Design Australia Award

03 Jun 2016

Good-Design-Award-2016-Square 300x300.jpg

Minelab is pleased to announce that our GO-FIND Series of treasure detectors has won a Good Design Award® for 2016. There were 34 entrants in the “Sport and Lifestyle” category and GO-FIND impressed the judges with its innovation and aesthetics. The winner was announced on Friday 27th May at the Good Design Awards ceremony in Sydney.  


Go Minelabbing Day 2016

27 May 2016

Go Minelabbing banner square.jpg

Minelab and various metal detector community groups sponsored “Go Minelabbing” events on May 14th, 2016 to celebrate the International Metal Detecting Day. It was a very successful day with thousands of attendees around the world, fantastic finds and Minelab prizes.

Thanks to those who participated in the different events and shared their photos and stories with us. Minelabbing is all about embracing the principles of what makes our hobby great, coupled with the ethics for doing it responsibly!

Minelab Continues Active Presence In European Market

18 Mar 2016


CORK, Ireland (March 18, 2016) - Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced the opening of its new sales office in Cork, Ireland. In celebration, the company will host a public ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, at 9:30 a.m.

New Product - PRO-GOLD Premium Panning Kit

26 Feb 2016


Minelab is pleased to announce the introduction of our PRO-GOLD Premium Panning Kit. This kit has everything a beginner needs to get started and the individual pans provide the experienced user with several gold panning advantages. The PRO-GOLD pans have multiple panning zones for maximum gold recovery and come in high contrast blue for optimum gold visibility!

Minelab Global Office Changes

09 Feb 2016

In reviewing our global sales and operations structures, to best support our important northern hemisphere recreational metal detector markets, Minelab have decided to consolidate our European operations with our American operations... 

Everything You Need To Know To Become A Metal Detecting Expert

20 Jan 2016

Brandon Niece Book.jpg

Nothing is as thrilling as finding cool (and often valuable) stuff right under your feet. So grab this guide and get ready to dig up more and more finds. Packed with helpful information on making your search successful and exciting, The Metal Detecting Bible serves up step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and useful photos that can turn you into a professional treasure hunter.

From quick-start tips for novices to insider secrets for the most experienced hobbyists, this hands-on guide is the ultimate resource on all aspects of metal detecting.

Minelab Wins Contract To Develop Metal Detection Technology

15 Jan 2016

In 1999, Minelab was selected to develop the metal detector sensor for the US Army’s revolutionary Handheld Standoff Mine Detection System (HSTAMIDS) which combined metal detection and ground penetration radar. Following extensive trials, HSTAMIDS entered into service with the US Army under a Full Rate Production contract that resulted in more than 15,000 systems being manufactured.

Minelab Appoints Depar as China Distributor

12 Jan 2016

Minelab are pleased to announce that we have chosen Guangzhou Depar Electronics Company Ltd. as one of our authorised distributors in China. Depar have a long association with Minelab in Africa and the Middle East. They bring substantial expertise, professionalism and resources for providing our detectors to new areas of the China market...


Minelab Introduces The PRO-ALLOY Gold Purity Tester

04 Jan 2016

PRO-ALLOY in-use 900px.jpg

Minelab, the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs, today announced the official release of its newest accessory, the PRO-ALLOY Gold Purity Tester. The state-of-the-art, portable instrument gives an instant and accurate gold karat reading to help detectorists determine the purity of gold and platinum rings, watches, chains and more.


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