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Minor production defect in some 11" Monoloop Commander coils

24 Nov 2010

It has come to our attention that a small number of recently manufactured 11” Monoloop coils may have a manufacturing defect.

Due to the increased sensitivity and quieter operation of the new GPX 5000, some customers have reported experiencing false signals from slight bumping of their 11” Monoloop coil whilst detecting, e.g. bumping the coil against rocks, grass clumps or the like. Note that all coils will give false signals if bumped or knocked hard enough, however the coils in question are more sensitive to such slight bumping.

Through testing we have determined that a minor production inconsistency at our Australian manufacturing facility has caused a small proportion of 11” Monoloop coils to exhibit this problem. This inconsistency is not present in any other Commander coils, nor the 11” Monoloop Commander coils that were manufactured before May 2010. Also, all Commander coils produced by our overseas manufacturing partner, Plexus, do not have this issue and are working correctly.

Explorer & Safari Promotion

11 Oct 2010

explorer se pro safari promo news article
Finding amazing treasure is great fun for the whole family! Now Minelab’s coin and relic detectors are better value than ever before. From the 15th October 2010 to 31st January 2011 Minelab will be offering special holiday packages on the very popular Safari and Explorer SE Pro detectors. For more information on these great offers, contact your local authorised Minelab dealer today. Contact details for all authorised Minelab dealers can be found on the ‘Where To Buy’ page.

Minelab USA Partner Awards

08 Oct 2010

Minelab USA Partner Awards 2010

In September 2010 Minelab held the inaugural Minelab USA Partner Conference in Las Vegas. This conference was not only a great opportunity for Minelab USA Partners to learn more about Minelab products but also a chance for Minelab to recognise outstanding the performance of some of our authorised Minelab dealers with awards presented in two categories: Partner Excellence and Sales Excellence. Please help all of us at Minelab in congratulating the 2009-10 award winners.

The winners of the Partner Excellence awards are…

Minelab Americas NEW Technology Training Center

20 Sep 2010

Minelab Arizona Technology Training Center

Minelab Americas are proud to announce the opening of a new Technology Training Center located in Prescott Valley – Dewey Arizona and would like to invite you to the grand opening.

When: September 24th 2010 from 9am – 6pm
Where: 1191 Old Chisholm Trail, Prescott Valley – Dewey Arizona 86327

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to see lectures presented by some of your favourite Minelab Partners and to get hands on with the entire range of current Minelab detectors, including the all new GPX 4800 and GPX 5000. Refreshments including burgers, dogs and water will be served all day.


Online Warranty Registration HERE NOW!

13 Sep 2010

Online warranty registration is now available at www.minelab.com making it quicker and easier than ever before to register your new Minelab products. This allows you to submit your warranty form with a few simple clicks, from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are worldwide.

Beachcombing with the Minelab X-TERRA 705

01 Sep 2010

Treasure Hunting: Beachcombing with the Minelab X-TERRA 705

Author: Matt Renshaw

Source: Treasure Hunting (Sept 2010)

I love the sound of my mate’s “big diesel” when it’s carrying us off somewhere, to detect. So it was on a particularly sunny Sunday morning as we raced over the Welsh border to visit our neighbour’s shoreline – my friend with his French Deus and me with my Aussie Minelab 705. Sweeping past the magnificent castle at Conway, we were heading to some unfamiliar beaches that he had observed earlier... Download PDF


New Videos

30 Aug 2010

The second in the series of new Minelab commercials is now airing in the USA on the Outdoor Channel during the GPAA show &lsquoGold Fever’. If you haven't seen it already you can now watch it here.


There is also a new video available in the members section on the GPX 5000 Fine Gold Timing. So log in or register now and check it out!

The wait is almost over...

23 Aug 2010

GPX 5000 control box

For those of you that are interested in the NEW Minelab GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 detectors full product information is now available in the product section of minelab.com. 

Here you will find detailed information on the features and functions of these new detectors, as well as photos, model specifications and product manuals. As an extra treat for the members of minelab.com we also have an introductory video to share with you, so log in or register now to view the video. And remember to keep checking back regularly as we will continue to post new GPX information over the coming weeks, including a Fine Gold Timing video, Treasure Talk posts and a knowledge base article. 

The GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 detectors will be available for sale on 30th August 2010. For more information please contact Minelab directly or your local authorised Minelab dealer to place an order.


16 Aug 2010

metal detector - coming soon

The team here at Minelab have been working hard behind the scenes to improve your detecting experience and bring you something new. So the time has come to say farewell to the GPX-4500 and welcome in the new breed of GPX detectors. We would love to tell you more about exactly what we have been working on, so log in to the members section now if you would like to find out more.

If you haven't yet registered to become a member of minelab.com all you need to do is fill out and submit this simple form here. Finding out first about new product releases is just one of many benefits to come for minelab.com members. We are working on building these benefits over the coming months so watch this space!

Minelab Sovereign GT - Tips & Tricks

01 Aug 2010

Author: Des Dunne

Source: Treasure Hunting (Aug 2010)

When the very first “Sovereign” model metal detector went on sale in 1990, no one envisaged just what a success it – and indeed the Minelab brand – would eventually become. The “Sov”, as it became known, was a first with its groundbreaking BBS Technology and quickly earned a reputation for itself by going deep while ignoring junk and iron with no apparent depth loss... Download PDF


30 Jul 2010

With the continuing goal of informing our customers of counterfeit Minelab products being sold on the internet from unauthorised black market manufacturers and dealers we have recently become aware of a particular seller on eBay, Northeast Distributors. Please be warned – the eBay seller Northeast Distributors is NOT authorised to sell Minelab products. To ensure you are purchasing a genuine Minelab product, we strongly recommend that you only purchase from authorised Minelab dealers as listed on our WHERE TO BUY page.

If you have any doubts if a dealer is an officially authorised Minelab dealer you can also ask Minelab using the CONTACT US section of Minelab.com to contact the regional office closest to you.

Minelab commercial world premiere!

16 Jul 2010

Since the very beginning, Minelab Electronics have carved out a reputation for leading the way in utilising new technologies in our metal detectors. But our love of all things technologically great doesn’t end with our metal detectors… we use the world’s leading technologies in everything we do. 

Minelab USA has recently been working closely with the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and the Outdoor Channel as a sponsor of their popular series ‘Gold Fever’. As a part of this the Minelab team has been hard at work, in conjunction with the Glenn Group, to create a series of four commercials showcasing the Minelab range of metal detectors to air during the series...

Huge hoard of Roman coins found with a Minelab Explorer II

09 Jul 2010

One of the largest ever finds of Roman coins in Britain has been made using a Minelab Explorer II. The hoard was 14 inches deep, containing over 52,000 coins and dates back to the 3rd Century AD.

Read the full story on the BBC News website and watch a brief interview with the man who made the find on the BBC Two archaeology series, Digging for Britain here.

There is also a more in depth interview available on the 891 ABC Adelaide blog here.

Commander Coil Availability & Counterfeits

08 Jul 2010

counterfeit v real commander coils

Here at Minelab we have recently been experiencing extraordinarily high levels of demand for our premium Minelab accessory coils. As a result there is currently a supply shortage on the very popular 15” x 12” Semi-Elliptical Commander Monoloop Coil. This coil will be unavailable for supply until late July, 2010 at the earliest.

The team at Minelab is working hard to overcome these issues and will be doing whatever it takes to resolve the current supply shortage to make these coils available as soon as possible.

As warned previously, Minelab has become increasingly aware of counterfeit Minelab products, including Commander coils, on the market. One example of such counterfeit coils is shown in photos A and C. At first glance this product and its packaging appears to be Minelab. However, if you look closely at the logo you will notice it is actually comprised of the letters A and V compared to the official trademarked Minelab logo which is comprised of the letters M and E.

GPX-4500 Dual Coil Product Offer EXTENDED

02 Jul 2010

GPX-4500 Dual Coil metal detector

Great news!! The Minelab GPX-4500 Dual Coil product offer has been so popular that Minelab have extended it through until 31st August, 2010. The GPX-4500 remains better value than ever before, but for a limited time only!

Minelab Strikes Gold in Chicago!

02 Jul 2010

minelab chicago office

Minelab USA is Downers Grove (Chicago area), Illinois' newest business member!

The world famous metal detection technologies company, known for its exclusive premier level gold detecting machines and coin, relic, and treasure detectors, has moved its headquarters to Downers Grove, Illinois. With record sales and a business plan for focused business growth, Minelab has chosen to more centrally locate their Minelab USA headquarters. The Chicago area is the perfect central location to further expand and support its operations. Minelab USA Vice President Gary Schafer states, “We are excited about the opportunity to better serve our North and South American markets with a more centrally located sales and service center. While we are maintaining a sales office in Las Vegas our new Minelab America’s headquarters features a Customer Care Center and product distribution point. We are now officially opened in Downers Grove, Illinois – a western suburb of Chicago.”

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack Released

01 Jul 2010

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack metal detector

Minelab’s X-TERRA 705 dual purpose metal detector is now available with a high frequency 18.75kHz elliptical coil in the X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack.

The X-TERRA 705 has two specific modes, coin mode and prospecting mode. In prospecting mode the X-TERRA 705 uses a modulated threshold tone to maximise sensitivity and depth when prospecting for gold.

The X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack’s high frequency Double-D elliptical coil greatly enhances its gold prospecting performance. This is because goldfields tend to occur in mineralised ground and the blade like search pattern of a Double-D coil rejects more ground noise than a concentric coil. Also, the coil’s high frequency is extremely sensitive and perfectly suited for finding small pieces of gold.


12 Apr 2010

GPX-4500 Dual Coil metal detector

The GPX-4500 is now better value than ever before!

Minelab’s standard GPX-4500 product configuration with the versatile 11” Double-D coil for all round gold detecting, will now be supplied, for a limited time, with an additional 15" x 12" Semi-Elliptical Commander Double-D Coil.

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