News for 2006

Field Test: Minelab X-TERRA 30

01 Jul 2006

Author: Joe Cummins

Source: Treasure Hunting (Unknown)

The weather in January was not ideal for metal detecting. The biting cold winds and temperatures dropping down to minus two degrees in the morning, was enough to ensure that most people stayed indoors. However, the chance to check out the new X-TERRA 30 - and put it through its paces - was far too tempting an offer to let something as trivial as a typical Siberian summer day get in the way... Download PDF

Field Test: Minelab X-TERRA 50

01 Jan 2006

Author: Des Dunne

Source: Treasure Hunting (Jan 2006)

It has to be said that Minelab are no slouches when it comes to making fine metal detectors. However, it can also be said that some of the models they have produced are robust machines but a tad on the heavy side. All that has changed, as they have just introduced a brandnew range of truly lightweight models. These are called the X-TERRA, using brand new technology termed “VFLEX”... Download PDF

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